Release Notes

Release Policy

In general releases are made as soon as new features or important bug fixes are available. Release numbers consist of four parts:

  1. major-version – Used for major releases. There may be little or no backwards compatibility.
  2. compatibility-version – Used for releases where some coding may be needed for backwards compatibility.
  3. new-features-version – Used for releases that introduce new features without breaking backwards compatibility.
  4. bug-fix-version – Used for releases that only contain bug fixes and maintain full backwards compatibility.

Release History

communicator-api-1.9 (Aug 23rd, 2011)

  • This version of the API requires Communicator Plugin or newer
  • Added parent/child device API. It is now possible to determine the device that is hosting an SD card
  • Added example to demonstrate parent/child device API
  • Added DeviceDisplay example to demonstrate how to list FIT activity files on a mass storage device
  • Added ability to retrieve fitness data in TCX format from FIT devices
    *Note* because TCX does not fully encapsulate FIT, the conversion can be lossy
  • Added example showing how to read fitness data in TCX format from any Garmin fitness device
  • Fixed issues with IE9 erroneously reporting that plugin functions and fields do not exist
  • Fixed issue in DeviceDisplay layer when listing an empty fitness device
  • Fixed a DeviceControl exception that was not properly routed through the registered exception handler
  • Corrected and improved several portions of DeviceControl and DevicePlugin documentation

communicator-api-1.8 (Jan 27th, 2011)

  • Added ability to list all readable files on a device given a data type name and identifier from GarminDevice.xml.
  • Added DeviceDisplay example to demonstrate file listing features.
  • File listing support has been incorporated and documented in all layers of the API
  • Added ability to determine if a device is file based.
  • Added ‘Mozilla’ user agent to the list of allowed browsers on the Mac e.g.: Chrome
  • Simplified distributable
  • Corrected and clarified various items in documentation

communicator-api-1.7 (August 12th, 2009)

  • Added ability to differentiate between FIT and TCX devices
  • Added FIT course and user profile write support for FIT devices
  • Note about reading FIT files: The getBinaryFile function works on non-Garmin websites only with 2.9.2 or greater version of the Communicator Plugin.
  • Fixed conflict issue with Flip4Mac plugin in Safari 4
  • Added methods for unit software updates to Control layer
  • Added ability to limit number of activities user can upload at once
  • Added ability to upload compressed data
  • Added fitness workout support (read/write)
  • Added fitness goals support (read/write)
  • Added support for Windows Safari
  • Improved progress status
  • Added ability to retrieve datatype file path from device object
  • Resurrected unit tests using the YUI Test framework

communicator-api-1.4.2 (February 27th, 2008)

  • Added ability to get device XML for the current device
  • Added a generic method for writing binary files (GPI specific methods/fields are deprecated and will be removed in 2.0)
  • Fixed bugs in the Device Control Demo
  • More complete documentation for display options
  • Improved end of progress status when writing large binary files to device

communicator-api-1.4.1 (December 19th, 2007)

  • Improved internationalization capabilities in DeviceDisplay.

communicator-api-1.4 (December 12th, 2007)

  • Added support for Edge 705
  • Maven groupId changed to com.garmin.developer
  • Required plugin version supported, allowing developers to set the minimum plugin version required on a per-application basis.

communicator-api-1.3 (September 14th, 2007)

  • Added the capability to read and write courses, workouts and user profile to fitness devices such as the Edge 305 and Forerunner 305.
  • Added Mac plugin detection and support.
  • Added the capability to plan trips by writing locations to SD cards without a GPS device present.
  • Added the capability to allow a web site to read a directory of fitness activities or courses and then just retrieve details for individual activities.
  • Added a function to allow web sites to retrieve fitness data in compressed format.
  • Cleaned up and improved JSDocs, linking related functions to each other, and adding minimum plugin version requirements.
  • Improved error message reporting for incompatible devices and plugin versions.

communicator-api-1.2 (July 13th, 2007)

communicator-api-1.1 (June 22nd, 2007)

communicator-api-1.0 (May 29th, 2007)

  • default CSS styling

communicator-api-0.9 (May 25th, 2007)

  • single-button UI support
  • object element generation
  • device testing and bug fixes

communicator-api-0.8 (May 23th, 2007)

  • moved JavaScript to garmin/device folder
  • Extensive device testing and bug fixes

communicator-api-0.7 (May 8th, 2007)

  • added Web Drop support and demo page
  • added TCX history (training data) read support
  • subversion protocol is now https

communicator-api-0.6 (May 2nd, 2007)

  • subversion repository moved to public location
  • added support for GPI format
  • fixed IE bugs

communicator-api-0.5 (April 17th, 2007)

  • discover and list connected devices
  • read and write track logs
  • read and write waypoints
  • support GPX file format